Giants and Jets Preview – Week Three

by Nick Barritta • September 25, 2010 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)2065

Laces Out Marino

NY Jets vs Miami Dolphins, 8:20 pm, Sunlife Stadium

How could I resist using a picture from “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective”?  Week 3 brings Rex Ryan and his rowdy Jets to the Sunshine State for another divisional battle, this time against the Miami Dolphins. Jets fans may see this as a piece of cake as it is, ehumm, the Miami Dolphins. But before everyone chalks this up as a win and are ready to put Mark Sanchez back on the king’s throne, check the standings. The Miami Dolphins are 2-0! Not only are they 2-0, but they just came off a win in which they held Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings to only 10 points!

With Derrell Revis out with a hamstring injury, and Braylon Edwards doing what Braylon Edwards always does, finding a way to get in trouble with the law, Jets coach Rex Ryan needs to get the Jets’ heads in this game quick. Mark Sanchez has to find options to throw to since Edwards will not start, and the Jets defense needs to figure out a game plan without Revis.

The keys to a Jets win this week are another stellar Sunday from Mark Sanchez and for the Jets offense to attack the Miami defense, which has stepped up their game lately. The Jets defense has to stop the Dolphins running game and the Jets should have no problem coming out of week 3 with a 2-1 record if they follow their game plan.

Giants vs. Titans

NY Giants vs. Tennessee Titans, 1pm, New Meadowlands

Eli Manning and the NY Giants look to bounce back from a tough week 2 loss with their second home game of the 2010 season against the weak Tennessee Titans. On paper this game looks like a win for Big Blue as the Titans are playing quarterback shuffle between Vince Young and Kerry Collins and with Pro Bowl running back Chris Johnson showing some struggles last week.

The key to victory for the Giants in this game will be defense. The Giants need to do everything possible to keep Chris Johnson contained and force either Collins or Young to throw the ball. It is not the Giants offense that is struggling; expect Eli Manning and Co. to have a monster day.  It is the Giants defense that needs to wake up in this game and find a way to stop arguably the best running back playing right now.

This game will be played at the new Meadowlands, so anyone that is up for skipping church on Sunday morning, head on over to the parking lots and enjoy some food, beer, and soda and kick back with the Giants faithful tailgating.

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