Get to Know Your NJ Symbols – Eastern Goldfinch

by Alice Magdziak • February 2, 2011 • Third StateComments (0)1404

Adopted on June 27, 1935 by Senate Bill No. 241, New Jersey’s State Bird is the Eastern Goldfinch (also known as the American Goldfinch or the Wild Canary or Spinus tristis). Unfortunately, according to the New Jersey State Library, no information exists as to why it was chosen as the state bird. Maybe they just liked yellow birds!

There are four subspecies and we’re mostly likely to see S. t. tristis which is the most common and the one most likely to make it all the way over to New Jersey.  Other subspecies are generally found in western North America.

It’s the only one in its species that completely molts every year. The birds stay in flocks and are said to be very gregarious.  What a nice bird!

Follow this link to hear the Eastern Goldfinch singing.

American Goldfinch – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

See more pictures and videos of our bird here.

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