Google’s Directions Bring Park Seekers Up Clinton Township Family’s Driveway

by Alice Magdziak • July 13, 2011 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)965

Ever been led astray by Google maps? We have a few times and now we do a double-check to make sure those directions seem feasible.

Well, park-seekers in Clinton Township looking for Round Valley State Park should really do that double-check, too, because dozens of people every weekend are directed to a private driveway belonging to Laurie Gneiding’s house and a few other homes.

She’s emailed Google’s Problem email account but it hasn’t been resolved yet.  So, she contacted the Bamboozled section of the Star Ledger which helps consumers get restitution from corporations.

Here’s hoping Laurie can get some help from the Googleplex and also that park-goers can get to their recreation without barging in on local residents.

Google map brings recreation-seeking motorists in droves to Clinton Township family’s driveway |

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