Wanna Buy a Lighthouse?

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There are currently three lighthouses in New Jersey that have been put up for sale.  Of course, there’s a catch or two. You need to make the lighthouse available to the public in some way.  That means you need to have tours, make it a museum or come up with something unique for the public to be able to visit. You also need to follow the historic covenants involved in being a steward of a lighthouse.  The application process is rigorous but if you’ve always dreamed of being a lighthouse keeper and a historian, then this is your opportunity!

Brandywine Shoal, Ship John Shoal, and Miah Maull Shoal Lights in New Jersey are available through the United States General Services Administration (GSA). The actual lights will continue to be maintained by the Coast Guard so don’t worry if you aren’t an electrical engineer or anything.  You just need to have the vision and lots of patience.  You ARE dealing with the U.S. government, you know.

Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse

Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse was built in 1914. It lies 9 miles northwest of the southern tip of New Jersey. It is a cast-iron structure featuring a deck that supports a three-story dwelling.

Miah Maull Shoal Lighthouse

Miah Maull Shoal Lighthouse was built in 1913. It is a 45-foot tall red painted cast iron tower with a black lantern. It’s three-story interior is lined with brick. It is one of a series of shoals along the Delaware Bay, sitting 12 miles east of Bowers Beach and southeast of the coast of Fortescue, N.J.

Ship John Shoal Lighthouse

Ship John Shoal Lighthouse is 3 miles south of the mouth of the Cohansey River in New Jersey, is the northernmost lighthouse in the Delaware Bay. It was built in 1877 as a marker of a hazardous underwater terrain feature known as Ship John Shoal. The light has a watch room and octagonal lantern.

[Thanks to DelawareOnline for the descriptions of each lighthouse.]

See all the details about the sale and how to start applying here:  http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/286133


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