What’s Fresh This Week at the Farmers’ Markets?

by Alice Magdziak • September 4, 2011 • Garden State, Green JerseyComments (0)1532

We bought a share of organic veggies and fruit from a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group based in Westfield.  Each week, we’re going to show you what we got.  It’s our way of showing you what New Jersey farmers are up to and what you should be able to find at your local farmers’ market this week.

This is the last week that we’ll get the entire share.  Our share partners were on vacation for three weeks and we’ve been inundated with vegetables for these three weeks. Wow!

This week we got nectarines, plums, a melon, lettuce, beets, regular, cherry and heirloom tomatoes, an eggplant, both sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers, both dragon and green beans, basil, red potatoes and onions.

Unfortunately, due to the flooding in the farming areas of New Jersey some of the fruit got over-ripe because they were not housed in refrigerators due to power outages.  So, the plums got very squished on the way home and I had to make some turnovers in order to use them before they went bad.

Here’s what I did:

  • Made regular pie dough but mixed it longer to make the gluten activate and make the dough a little stretchy.
  • Peeled and pitted ten very ripe plums.
  • Peeled and pitted four nectarines that were also uber-ripe.
  • Ground up about twenty little cardamom seeds and added to fruit with a pinch of mint and nutmeg.
  • Rolled out dough and cut into squares.
  • Added fruit, wet half of the dough edges and folded up, crimping along the way.
  • Brushed on a light egg wash on top of each turnover and then sprinkled some sugar on the top of each.
  • Baked at 425 for fifteen minutes to brown and set the crust.
  • Then reduced oven to 350 and baked for twenty to thirty more minutes (until browned).

They turned out really good!  I also made some apple ones because we still have about ten left from last week.  Whew, we’re swimming in fruit over here!

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