It’s Bring Your Own Toilet Paper to Work Day in Trenton

by Donald Hanson • March 14, 2012 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1100

Car keys.. check, cell phone.. check, lunch.. check, toilet paper.. check. From now on, city employees and visitors to city-run buildings will have to remember to bring toilet paper as the bathrooms in their buildings will no longer have any.

According to council president Kathy McBride and maintenance supervisor Paul Heater,  paper towel and toilet paper dispensers in the Trenton’s senior centers, police department, fire department, museum, water filtration plant and City Hall aren’t expected to last through the week. Some of the bathrooms are already completely out.

The problem stems from a $42,000 spending request for a year’s worth of paper products. The request came up for a vote three times since September but was stalled in debate each time over a high unit price for hot drink cups.

The fact that this couldn’t be resolved before running out of toilet paper is representative of our broken system of government. Managing money to pay for our services is what a politician does. If they can’t get these kinds of things done without failure, then they should be fired and replaced with people who can.

Not being able to solve a problem like this over almost 6 months is just ridiculous. No matter what the business, if an employee is incapable of taking care of what their job entails, then they are let go in favor of someone who can. The only exception would be some sort of extreme circumstances and there was definitely nothing like that here.

msnbc article on toilet paper supplies in Trenton, New Jersey

Update March 14th : Mayor Tony Mack’s administration is reportedly going to make an emergency purchase of toilet paper and paper towels. In addition, last night they accepted donations of a six month supply of toilet paper from (PETA) – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and 15 hand drying units from Dyson.

news12 article on Trenton’s emergency toilet paper purchase 

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