Event – 30th Anniversary Lead East Car Show – August 29 – September 2 2012

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34 Oldies Bands & Doo Wop Groups!
1,800 Vintage Cars from 22 States!

30th Annual LEAD EAST
World’s Biggest 50’s Party!
New York/New Jersey Metro’s
Biggest Old Car Event!

Wednesday, Aug. 29 thru Sunday, Sept. 2, 2012
Parsippany NJ Hilton Hotel



Welcome to LEAD EAST 2012, an Oldies Music and Old Car Weekend unlike any event held anywhere. This is the 30th year for this cherished event. Over the years we’ve delivered a 100% American, 100% family, 100% fun series of events that celebrates the 50’s decade. Tens of thousands of people have come to our event and many have told us it is the best, most fun, most nostalgic event they have ever attended! LEAD EAST is for 1972 and earlier vehicles (1974 and earlier allowed Sunday) — but it’s not just a car show!

LEAD EAST is a giant 50’s PARTY, offering more unique events than 15 normal car shows added together. It is a conglomeration of dozens of groups of people who come together every year, set up their pop-up tents and BBQs next to one another and kick back to wallow in the good vibrations that permeate the area for this magic, nostalgic weekend. The mellow atmosphere that glows over Parsippany every Labor Day Weekend is unmatched anywhere by any old car or oldies music festival anywhere! If you dig the good old days of greased hair, tail fins, and 50’s rock n’ roll, have we got a PARTY for your entire family! Join us to relive and revisit the best decade in history. We GUARANTEE there is no other event remotely like this on the planet. If you don’t have a great time at LEAD EAST, check your pulse to see if you are still alive!

Over the three decades that LEAD EAST has existed, it has evolved into offering a virtual smorgasbord of activities. From the time the day starts in the morning with a Doo Wop A Cappella group singing our National Anthem over our public address system until the third 50’s movie in each night’s triple feature at our outdoor ACE DRIVE IN finishes, each day offers a long list of fun things to do.    

Most car events are done by 4:00 in the afternoon and people pack up and go home, but LEAD EAST is just getting started! It rocks day and night, with some people still dancing in the parking lot when the sun comes up!LEAD EAST is renowned and unchallenged as THE BEST Oldies Nostalgia weekend anywhere! No other event even comes close. We offer an indoor and outdoor, day and night lineup of non-stop activities unmatched anywhere — Sock Hops, Drive-In Movies, Cruising, Jitterbug and Swing Dancing, Doo Wop A Cappella, Prom Night, and MORE!

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