Only a Few More Days Left at the Montclair Film Festival – Ends Sunday, May 5th!

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Last year we missed it by being out of town and this year we almost missed it again with a work trip and then a vacation.  But, last night we were able to catch Computer Chess at the Bellevue Theater and finally got a taste of the Montclair Film Festival.


There are only three more days of the festival left—today through Sunday—so click on over to the festival website and check out all the movies that are showing.

Our movie, Computer Chess, was set in the 1980s and is a comedy about programmers who are competing in a tournament to make the best computer chess program.  The filmmakers used all 1980s equipment to record the movie and that made it a blast to watch.  The movie wasn’t for everyone.  We heard several women talking about it afterwards and they definitely didn’t know what they were getting into when they came to see this particular flick.  But, if you like chess, computers, unusual movies and/or interesting filming techniques, it was definitely worth watching.  We enjoyed it but we like just about all the things in the list above so it was just right for us.

Before the movie started there were slides about other movies in the festival and we noticed that there were a lot of New Jersey movies.  We checked out what’s still set to run Friday through Sunday that’s a New Jersey-based movie and here’s the list:




You’ve also got to check out the merchandise they have.  Their slogan is Like Sundance, Only Jersier.  Of course, we love it!

Items are on sale at all the event sites and at the MFF Headquarters at 494 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair (3 doors up from the Claridge Theater).   Office hours are currently Monday through Friday, 10 am – 5 pm.  They have MFF Logo Baseball Caps, Logo Zip Up Sweatshirts, Wine Totes and Tote Bags (recycled from last year’s banners) and T-shirts for dogs too!


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