New Jersey Enters the Cronut Craze

by Alice Magdziak • August 7, 2013 • FoodComments (0)2578

By now you have probably read about the cronut craze that swept New York City earlier this year. The cronut, a merging of the croissant and the donut, had people waiting in lines for hours just for a taste of the new fashion food of the moment. Not to be outdone, the madness has moved across the Hudson. On Saturday we read that Sook Bakery in Ridgewood has begun selling a croissant donut and tonight we read on that our very own Shoprite was selling one, too.  As soon as work let out, we were in the car and heading out to Brookdale ShopRite.

We’ll have to make it to Ridegwood some morning, too, for a taste test but ShopRite came up with a pretty strong entry here.  It starts with airy croissant flakiness made into a donut shape.  Initially you see and smell the cinnamon sugar dusting and drizzled confectioner sugar icing. Then when you bite into it you find a creamy custard filling.


There was only one box left when we bought ours so call ahead if you want to try these. Will the fad last? Maybe. But much like the KFC’s Double Down or the new Taco Bell waffle taco these hybrids leave you will a guilty feeling. “Should I really be eating this?”

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