2013 New York Comic Con – A Lot More Than Just Comics – Pictures

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Nick Fury Dog of Shield

Above : A dog dressed up as Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Comic Book conventions used to be relatively modest events with old and new comics, a handful of guests and some screenings. Now they are an order of magnitude larger. The scope of the yearly New York Comic Con is truly staggering.

New York Comic Con_IMG_2094

Above : Display for the 75th Anniversary of Superman by DC Comics showcasing the costumes worn in movies and television over the years.

New York Comic Con_IMG_2056
New York Comic Con_IMG_2052
New York Comic Con_IMG_2161

Above : Cosplayers dressed in costumes of various comic book characters.

New York Comic Con_IMG_2312

Above : You’ll find plenty of comic dealers there. Here you see some sets and complete runs for sale.

New York Comic Con_IMG_2131

Above : The Walking Dead car and building. One of the interactive exhibits from an entertainment industry booth.

New York Comic Con_IMG_2272

New York Comic Con_IMG_2108

Above : Some amazingly detailed new Iron Man figures from Yes Anime.

Stay tuned for more photo galleries and videos from the show!

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