Christmas Lights – Too Early?

by Ed Magdziak • November 13, 2013 • HolidayComments (0)1533


I was driving home the other night when I saw them in the distance about half a block away. Could it be? Those have to be leftover Halloween lights, right? I’ve still seen them up all over the place. Or maybe a Thanksgiving display with a light-up turkey. Nope. It was indeed…Christmas lights.

My first reaction was “Are you kidding me?” This is way too early. Can’t we enjoy autumn and that wonderful time between Halloween and Thanksgiving before diving headlong into the stressful holiday season? Sure the stores have had Christmas trees and other holiday decorations for a while now. That is expected of course. A couple of stores even had Christmas trees displayed in September. I just didn’t expect to see houses already displaying their Xmas decorations in all their glory.

But then I got to thinking. If putting the lights up this early makes the homeowners happy, why not? If their Christmas spirit cannot be contained once the calender hits November more power to them. Enjoy it you early birds!!

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