NFL Week 9 – Jets Giants Eagles – Results

by Donald Hanson • November 4, 2013 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)1206


The Eagles had a big win yesterday. Nick Foles 7 touchdowns tied Peyton Manning’s record from earlier this year as the Eagles beat the Oakland Raiders 49-20 and it wasn’t really that close. For whatever reason, the Oakland Raiders just didn’t have it yesterday but Nick Foles was in a Highlight Zone with 7 TDs and 406 yards! He was so focused on his career game that he didn’t even know he was having one until his teammates started congratulating him. He probably could have broken the record but Coach Chip Kelly took him out to avoid risking injury since Michael Vick is still injured and Matt Barkley is the only backup.

Ironically, the Eagles couldn’t score for the last 2 weeks and they still haven’t won a game at home yet. They are 4-1 on the road but fans won’t be sold until they get some home wins under their belt.

The New York Jets pulled off an upset that nobody thought would happen as they beat the New Orleans Saints 26-20. After getting massacred last week everyone from the experts to the fans didn’t give them a prayer but I felt they had a puncher’s chance. And this keeps the Jets rhythm of one game up, one game down. The Saints are a good team but they are a different team outside the Superdome. When warm weather teams come to cold climates the tricky situation can cause trouble for them. The Jets rammed the game down their throats by keeping it simple, not turning the ball over, and harassing Quarterback Drew Brees all day. This was a must win from a playoff potential point of view and puts the Jets at 5-4 going in to their bye week.

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