Why Black Friday Sales Aren’t as Good As You Think

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Every year we are bombarded with advertisements and promotions about Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. The covers of the ads usually feature doorbusters that are only available for a few hours. But while there are a few good deals to be had here and there, more than 99 percent of the sale items listed are nothing special. You could walk into stores any other day of the year and get a deal that is as good or better. Still, people camp out and line up for an event that only rewards very few of them.

Even on the good deals there are a couple of tricks that they use to make you think that you are doing better than you are.

Trick #1. Clearing out old merchandise.

This year both Walmart and Target are offering the Ipad Mini for $299. That is actually the regular every day price of the item but to make it a deal they are giving away gift cards of $100 and $75 respectively. Now that is actually pretty decent but the Ipad Mini is an old model that is going to be discontinued. The one everyone wants is the ipad Mini with retina display. Old models of technological devices routinely have to be clearanced out when the new ones come out. There is nothing special about getting a discount on last year’s model that stores are desperate to unload.

Trick #2 . Showing the list price as the original.

I saw one retailer had a Samsung TV for $479 that was listed as originally priced at $879 saying that you would be saving $400. That would be great but a quick look at amazon shows that the TV currently sells for $569. If you want to know what kind of bargain you are getting, you need to know the honest going price, not a list price that the TV never went for even when it was new.

Trick # 3. Off-brand merchandise

Technically, there is nothing wrong with Vizio televisions especially for the price… unless you care about image quality. You will see a lot of electronics like televisions on the covers of Black Friday ads that have cheap prices but in these cases you get what you pay for.

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