NFL Week 13 – Jets Giants Eagles – Results

by Donald Hanson • December 3, 2013 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)1413


The Jets are done! Geno Smith was benched at half-time in favor of Matt Simms but it didn’t matter. They are inept. They have no playmakers. The defense is tired. They can only hold an opponent down so long before they get exhausted and give up and say – “Why are we even trying anymore. If the offense aren’t going to help us out, we can’t pitch a shutout every week.” The New York Jets (5-7) were obliterated by the Miami Dolphins 23-3.

Geno hasn’t played well is in the last 3 or 4 weeks and Matt Simms didn’t do much better but the problem isn’t really a quarterback problem, it’s a talent problem. People could say that they had big wins earlier this year against Atlanta and New Orleans but to a degree I think the Jets were doing it with smoke and mirrors. The cupboard is bare. They just don’t have enough competent players to score enough points in this league. The Jets are stuck in neutral and the defense can just do so much. They are asking way too much out of one side of a football team.

The New York Giants (5-7) did what they had to do and beat the Washington Redskins 24-17. They got the benefit of some confused officials that didn’t know which down it was. It’s pretty sad when your officials don’t know what to mark as far as down and distance! The Redskins could have been able to drive down the field for the tying score but in the end they didn’t get the chance. As a result, the Giants are still hanging on.

The Philadelphia Eagles won 2 in a row at home. Break out the party hats! Nick Foles is looking like a savior at this point in time and may also be the quarterback of the future for first year head coach Chip Kelly. After beating the Arizona Cardinals, they are tied for first place with Dallas even though Dallas holds the tie breaker. If Dallas has a hiccup down the stretch the Eagles may be able to catch up and over take them to get the division title.

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