Movie Review – Interstellar : The IMAX Experience

by Donald Hanson • November 8, 2014 • Movie ReviewsComments (0)1635


There are so many movies that Interstellar shares similarities with. Its like ‘Gravity’ times 100. There are definite shades of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘Tree of Life’ as well as Nolans own previous work, ‘Inception’. And a very important storyline is inspired by a short scene from the Director’s cut of ‘Aliens’.


Set in the future, Interstellar cleverly takes place in a rural landscape and consequently feels as it could even be the present or even the past. This gives it a universal feel. The farmhouses and glimpses of a small town life and baseball game are timeless and are juxtaposed against the setting of space ships, outer space and other worlds. The Science Fiction element creates a sense of wonder. You don’t know what is going to happen. The experience of watching the film is similar to the story of the film. There is a sense of mystery and wonder about the unknown. You don’t know what you are going to see and the characters don’t know what they are going to find.


Both Matthew McConaughey and Mackenzie Foy as father and daughter are excellent and a solid relationship is built with them from the outset. This is absolutely necessary for one of the most important story lines in the film as it progresses.


There is so much about the movie that reflects human nature. Whether or not we survive, how we go into the future and what we do in the large scope of exploring the universe is going to depend greatly on human nature, conflict and behavior. Its not as simple as just laying out a plan and following it. People have a wide variety of emotions that affect their thinking and behavior. That element of the film was done extremely well. It drives the conflict of this very compelling story. The movie has a couple of weak points toward the end. The climax of the film involves a setup which is clever but not altogether believable even with the given explanation and one of the character’s philosophies is unrealistically corny. But these are minor problems in an otherwise amazing film.

The cinematography and special effects are amazing or course. You must see this film on a real IMAX (not digital) screen with 70mm film projection to see the entire movie and get the experience that Director Christopher Nolan intended you to have.The music by Hans Zimmer is powerful, the sound effects are amazing and if you see the movie in IMAX you will not only hear them but feel them as well.


Its rare for a film to take you out of your daily life and put you in the philosophical mindset of deeply thinking about and experiencing the subject matter of exploring space and the wonders, mysteries, difficulties and dangers involved. If you see anyone looking at their cell phone during this movie, there is definitely something wrong with them.

This is one of the best films of the year and it has a very good chance at receiving Oscar nominations for not only Special Effects but Acting, Directing and Picture as well.

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