Tour Diaries – Rock N Roll HiFives On the Road, Part II

by Alice Magdziak • April 10, 2017 • MusicComments (0)341

We recently had pizza at Kinchley’s Tavern with the Rock N Roll HiFives where they told us all about their up-coming Spring Break tour. Suddenly, it dawned on us….  maybe they would write a tour diary for You Don’t Know Jersey! It’s almost as exciting as being able to go on tour with them. Here’s the second installment, written by guitarist Joe.

God Bless America is what you’ll be whistling when you leave Roadside America in Shartleville, PA. We woke up in an RV park this morning and the kids took Ziggy for a walk, exploring the park while I made a tasty egg and cheese for Gloree and I to enjoy during the quiet moment. Then we headed off to Richmond, VA for our first show on the tour, but first we stopped at Roadside America because that’s what you do when you’re passing through Shartlesville PA.

For those that don’t know Roadside America is an indoor miniature village and railway covering 8,000 square feet. It’s an amazing accomplishment and brings you back in time to a more simple way of life. As you walk through there are buttons to press that makes things move and you start to picture yourself in the middle of it all, getting fresh baked bread, playing tag in the school yard, taking a tram car over the mountains or a trolley through the city. Yeah, these are things you can still do but not like this, not in a perfectly constructed simple world. Then there’s the great “God Bless America moment” when the sun goes down and this beautiful town goes to bed. All the lights go out (except for those in the factories that work through the night) to the tune of God Bless America. You shed a tear, or a smile, and walk out into the gift shop. At the gift shop we bought a few gifts for our daily trivia game we’ve been posting on FB. Today’s winners were David and Lysa. David won a Roadside Hat and Lysa won a Roadside Mug for answering the question what is the name of our RV, for which we have two, Irv and Pffff. Good job guys!  Now off to Richmond, VA for our show at On the Rox. When driving from PA to VA the best thing to do is go way out of your way around DC into VA. Well, we chose that route using our Google Maps but for some reason Google changed it during the trip. We ended going around DC but not as far as we had wanted so we hit some major traffic. Luckily we still made it on time to the gig.  

On the Rox is located at what the locals call the Bottom. It’s a cool area with a lot of restaurants and cobblestone streets, the venue had a bar and restaurant up front and a good sized performance room in the back with a pretty high stage, a killer light show and a balcony. The first band we met were Mobius Strip and they were super nice people filling us in on the happenings in Richmond and making us feel at home. We found a parking space in a lot across the street and started loading in. We met up with Colin and Matt who booked the show and were also playing in separate bands, Colin in Potential Grizzlies and Matt pulling double duty in Gemini Love and Potential Grizzlies. Both bands were awesome and we had a blast rocking out and making new friends. They gave us most of the money collected that night because we are on tour and we gave them CDs and backed up the RV. Thanks so much for everything guys we are super grateful for your kindness.

photo courtesy of Matt Burton

We rolled out of Richmond around 1 AM which is late for us so finding an RV park at that time and hooking up was not an option. We decided to head to the nearest WalMart which allows RVs to rest for the night and that is what we did. Next stop Heyday guitars in Winston – Salem, NC where we’ve played before and were looking forward to seeing friends we’ve already made, grilling hotdogs and rocking out again. 

photo courtesy of Colette Johnson

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