Tour Diaries – Rock N Roll HiFives On the Road, Part III

by Alice Magdziak • April 11, 2017 • MusicComments (0)830

We recently had pizza at Kinchley’s Tavern with the Rock N Roll HiFives where they told us all about their up-coming Spring Break tour. Suddenly, it dawned on us….  maybe they would write a tour diary for You Don’t Know Jersey! It’s almost as exciting as being able to go on tour with them. Here’s the second installment, written by drummer Evren.

This is Evren and I’m going to tell you about our almost horrible day starting from Walmart. Never would I ever think I would wake up in the parking lot of a Walmart, but there I was in my bunk, congested and tired. We had gone to bed at about 2:00 am and had woke up at about 8:30 am. Seeing I was almost choking on my own snot, Mom got me some decongestant (currently downing some right now). This trip to Walmart also included some mustard and sunglasses (one weird trip). Dad did a Facebook live video about a rock n roll church and then we went off on our journey to an RV park in Greensboro, where we would shower and eat some food.

Once we got to the RV park we all took showers. Then for an hour or two we hung around and I dribbled a basketball. Everything was set and we were leaving for our show at Heyday Guitars, when disaster struck. Dad thought he heard some banging. After he asked if it was me drumming and I told him it wasn’t, he realized it was the tire. He went outside and felt the tire and of course it was absolute mush. Just what we needed. Mom called roadside assistance and they told us that it was going to take us more than an hour. We had no time to do that as we needed to be at Heyday in 45 minutes (and we were 30 minutes away). As a last resort, we went to the nearest gas station with an air pump. Dad pumped up the tire and with some magic, the RV was able to drive. How this is possible, I have no idea. All I know is that we dodged a huge bullet!

We drove to the city of Winston-Salem where we were greeted by the owner of Heyday Guitars, Mike Slawter. We loaded in, set up, and got ready to rock. But of course before we could rock, we had some tasty hotdogs cooked by a friend of Mike, which were made right in the driveway of the shop. We played our songs, ending with Surrender by Cheap Trick and a guest appearance by Mike.

Afterwards, we hung around, talked, and repacked all the equipment into the RV. Once we got in the RV, we followed Mike to his house and parked there for the night because we were afraid to drive too far on our tire. Mom made Eilee and I some frenchbread pizza while Dad attempted to make a chicken nugget sandwich. The only problem was we couldn’t use our generator because we didn’t want to wake up the neighbors, so Dad couldn’t make toast. Once Dad realized he couldn’t make the sandwich he attempted to fit a lot of Cheerios in his nose, which ended badly. We all went to bed to get ready for our day off.

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