Tour Diaries – Rock N Roll HiFives On the Road, Part V

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We recently had pizza at Kinchley’s Tavern with the Rock N Roll HiFives where they told us all about their up-coming Spring Break tour. Suddenly, it dawned on us….  maybe they would write a tour diary for You Don’t Know Jersey! It’s almost as exciting as being able to go on tour with them. They’re almost back home and here’s the fifth installment, written by bassist Gloree and drummer Evren.


We came into Wilmington NC a totally different way than usual. This is our 4th time in Wilmington, but the first time that we are not playing at Gravity Records.

We were on a mission this afternoon though. Dad wanted a burrito, but not any burrito, he wanted a Flaming Amy’s Burrito!! And he got it. We got so lucky that the lot is big enough to hold our rig. Ha. Rig. Look at us!

We walked in through the sticker covered front door (after tagging the side of the building with our own stickers) and found ourselves in burrito heaven. It was really hard to decide on what to order. Joe got the chicken avocado bacon burrito with avocado ranch sauce. He’s actually talking about it right now. He won’t stop! Evren got a chicken & cheese quesadilla and Eilee and I got salads. We thought we were doing the right thing by going a little healthy, but I know that I made a big mistake. I tasted Joe’s burrito and he nearly had to fight me to get it back. Amy’s has a great salsa bar. Our favorite was the pineapple jalepeno. The ginger peach was really good too as well as the chipotle tomatillo. After Amy’s we headed straight to Reggie’s 42nd Street Tavern to load in.

As we pulled up we were greeted by Angie of Angie’s Records and Hair (which shares the same building with Reggie’s) with a huge smile and friendly wave. We pulled in at the end of the lot by the back outside area. We walked in and immediately felt at home. Everyone was so welcoming and glad that we were there. We were so glad to be there!!! The owner and bartender Matt was so gracious and kind. Mitch, the sound guy was professional and kind hearted. John Bridges greeted us early with open arms and a huge smile too. What is up with Wilmington? What’s up? It’s awesome! John booked the show for us with his band the Street Clones and another band Rocket 77. They gave us 2nd on the bill, which is great for the out of town band and we were really grateful for such as awesome a slot. John has seen us at every show we played at Gravity Records and was always really complimentary and supportive of us. When he asked us to be on a bill with his band at Reggie’s we were honored.

Reggie’s is a super sweet spot with an excellent beer selection, parlor games in the front room, a back patio and a really impressive stage and sound system. They have been putting lots of work into the place and have plans to make it even more awesome. (They even had a legit Merch stand. This place is the real deal!).

Rocket 77 started off the night sans their second guitarist, who they jokingly blamed for a few things on stage in his absence! They were really tight, powerful and talented. An excellent way to kick off the night.

We came on after, starting off the set with a new song ‘Battles’. We didn’t write a proper set list for the show, but we knew what we wanted to start with and the general vibe of the show, so we just went for it, shooting off like rockets. Eilee blasted through a few confetti cannons and managed to wish an early happy birthday to one of our youngest (and best!) fans Leila! She’s going to be six on the thirteenth and has seen every one of our Wilmington shows so far!

We had a blast playing and they audience seemed to have fun too! We closed the show with Cheap Trick’s ‘Surrender’ and Joe nearly toppled over the bass drum (as he was standing on it of course!). If anyone has any pics of me holding the drum with my foot as Joe wobbled on it, please pass them on!! After we were done, John Bridges asked for a photo with all of the bands on stage. That was a first for us and so awesome and sweet. Again, what an incredible group of people we were surrounded by!!!

John’s band was up next, the Street Clones. They rocked. They were groovy and fun and invited everyone to dance! Imagine that, dancing to rock n roll, how awesome!

We were so grateful that so many people came out to support local (and touring) bands on a Tuesday night. Plus, everyone was really getting into all the performances which created incredible energy all night. We made lots of new friends and left with huge smiles on our faces!!

We headed out to the Carolina Beach Family Campground which was about 11 miles south of Reggie’s. We pulled in and had a hard time finding our site info because the office forgot about us! We called the management and all was good we pulled in to a spot (if it was ours who knows – it was dark and not well marked), hooked up and made some after gig snacks and hit the sack. We were beat!

Joe, Eilee and I didn’t sleep well, but Evren did. We were happy for him. We made some coffee and started our day. We headed to Carolina Beach which was only a few miles south of the campground. We walked the beach for a few minutes. Eilee, Evren and I put our toes in the water while Joe and Ziggy stayed toward the beach entrance because no dogs allowed on the beach between 9am & 5pm. We jumped back in the RV and headed to Angie’s Records and Hair for a little beauty treatment Wilmington style. The boys (except Ziggy) got special new hair cuts from our new friend Angie. She rocks.

She and her husband are in a band Zodiac Panthers. They are a two piece, guitar and drums. They are rad. We talked about music, touring, RVs, you name it. Jamie (the punk rock mailman) joined us at the end (he was at the show last night too) and it was hard to say goodbye. Such great people. We are so lucky to have met these guys!


We pulled into Mikey and Emily’s house in Chapel Hill and pretty much had to leave right away to make it to the Durham Bulls game. We were a crew for sure, twelve of us.

Once we got our tickets mom took me to the Durham Bulls store. I got a shirt, which I’m currently wearing. The Durham Bulls Athletic Park was a beautiful ballpark with a capacity of 10,000 seats.

The sun was just starting to set and it was beautiful night for baseball. We got there early so we got to watch the pitchers and fielders warmup.

While watching them warmup Lance (Mike’s nephew) getting a game ball from one of the players, he was super psyched. In the bottom of the third, Charlotte was up 1-0, until the Bulls hit a double to drive in 3 runs, making it 3-1. Me and Lance seat-jumped right to the front, for a chance to snag a ground ball. Lance saw a drain and said we had to move because his ball might fall into the drain. I told him the chances of that were a million to one, but I also said to avoid losing it that he shield give it to his mother. He refused. In the bottom of the forth the score became 6-2 off a home-run from Mike Marjama. Soon after the excitement, Lance realized he lost his ball. He told us that it rolled into the drain, but I believed that it just rolled somewhere else. You could see his face was in shock, almost in tears. He was saying he would never get another one, but I told him we were right near the bullpen. I took Lance to the bullpen thinking one of the players would be kind enough to give him a ball. I explained what happened to one player and he said to talk to a different player because he didn’t have any balls. When I asked the pitcher he told me to ask he was kind of a jerk, but ended up giving Lance the ball. Lance celebrated his feat and also got a picture and high five from the mascot, Wool E. Bull. The Bulls won the game and Lance went home happy – so my job was done.

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