Tour Diaries – Rock N Roll HiFives On the Road, Part VI

by Alice Magdziak • April 16, 2017 • MusicComments (0)435

We recently had pizza at Kinchley’s Tavern with the Rock N Roll HiFives where they told us all about their up-coming Spring Break tour. Suddenly, it dawned on us….  maybe they would write a tour diary for You Don’t Know Jersey! It’s almost as exciting as being able to go on tour with them. The weekend put us a little behind.  They just got back home but here’s the diary entry for Thursday, written by singer Eilee.

Today (Thursday, April 13) Lucia (Mikey’s niece who’s 2) woke me up and then went on to wake up Evren and her brother Lance. We were the first ones up, so Lucia entertained us with her cuteness and singing children songs but changing the words to the F bomb. She is a character! Soon everyone was up and Emily was making pancakes and coffee, which were delicious. The boys (Dad, Evren, Mikey, Lance, Michael and Raymond) went to play basketball while the girls (Mom, Izzy, Alexis, Lucia and I) went to the the UNC campus.

We drove to Franklin Street and found a parking spot right in front of campus!!! First we chased squirrels with Lucia and then we went to the Old Well. The flowers are just starting to bloom which made the campus look so pretty.

We then found a little water fountain and benches made out of stone. After chilling there for a few minutes, we went to The Pit and the school store. I can never go to UNC and not buy something so I got a shirt and hat while mom, Izzy, Lucia, and Alexis looked around and bought items of their own.

We walked to the Dean Dome to meet up with the boys so we could all go to the basketball museum. At UNC they started a new program called Art Everywhere. There are cool statues, abstract chairs you can sit on, and painted pianos that anyone can play on. We checked that out on our travels and then we arrived at the museum. If you’ve never been to the UNC campus you should think of going if you’re in the area. It is so beautiful, especially in the spring because there are so many trees, flowers, and beautiful trails. At the museum Evren, Lance, Izzy and I went in. It was about 3 rooms and it was cool.

They had a replica basketball court and markings where famous shots were taken. There were jerseys and uniforms on display as well as players’ shoes. One of the cooler things I saw was a letter that a coach had written to Michael Jordan telling him what he had to improve on. Michael Jordan wrote his own notes on it and check marks when we felt he’d bettered that skill. In the last room were all of the rings and trophies and when you exited there was a hallway of pictures of players. We all had fun and then we started walking back to Mikey and Emily’s house since they live about 10-15 minutes (walking distance) away. Once everyone was home we got into two cars and drove back into town to get pizza at IP3, which stands for Italian Pizza the third. I really enjoyed the food as well as the atmosphere. I had a plain slice, or as they call it a cheese pizza. I also had cheerwine which is a southern soda. After we ate, Mikey took us on a drive around the neighborhood and then mom and I stopped at CVS and the Grey Squirrel to get medicine and coffee. When we got back to Mikey and Emily’s we did an interview with Mikey. He is staring his own podcast called On My Floor. We talked about tour stories and how our band came to be and all that fun stuff. Mikey also has a section called ‘seven random questions’ that included a question like ‘burgers or burritos?’ which I thought was a fun and different element of the interview. Soon it was time to get ready for our show, but Mikey’s sisters family was leaving, so sadly we had to say our goodbyes. We headed out and played at School Kids records in Raleigh which was so much fun! So many people came out and it was great to talk to everyone. (Just want to throw in a quick thank you to School Kids Records for having us there and everyone who came out to rock!!!).

Oh and Cousin Flip greeted us at our show which was awesome. If you don’t know who Cousin Flip is he’s our cousin who’s a penguin. He came and played the theremin on our last video for our song (You’ve Got Me) Tongue Tied. Across the street was a Mexican restaurant so we went there after the show with the owner of School Kids Records, Steve, Raymond (Mikey’s dad), and Emily. I got chicken fajitas which were delicious. We drove The RV back to Mikey and Emily’s house. Mom, dad, Mikey, and Steve went back out to The Cave to see a show while Ray, Emily, Evren and I went to bed. Emily had work early in the morning and we were leaving the next day so we said our goodbyes that night. The next morning we went to Merritt’s again with Mikey and Raymond. I got the same sandwich, of course. BLT with egg on white bread. After eating outside and having a good time with Mikey and Raymond we had to leave because we needed to hit the road to get to the Golden Pony in Virginia for our show. Also, Mom and I were going to get our haircut at the White Unicorn right next door. When we got to Harrisonburg, we went right to the White Unicorn and got a little beauty treatment. I ended up getting a few strands of blue fairy hair (thanks for the birthday gift Leslie!)

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