Jersey Tries to End Mail-in Rebates

by Alice Magdziak • May 19, 2010 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1734 recently wrote about NJ trying to safeguard consumer protections by limiting or ending mail-in rebates.  Retailers know that few customers, if any, will actually jump through all the hoops needed to fill out those rebate forms, find the original receipt, circle the proper purchases, etc. And, they also know that customers are fooled into thinking they are getting a sale when they see the AFTER-rebate price.

The State Assembly has introduced a bill that would require retailers to charge shoppers the after-rebate price on goods rather than making them fill out and mail/email the rebate forms. Then, if the retailer wants to take advantage of the rebates, they will have to fill the forms out themselves.

Of course, this probably just means that manufacturers will just exempt New Jersey from their rebate offers.  Hope we win this one!

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