Proposed Budget Might Hurt Libraries

by Alice Magdziak • May 5, 2010 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1497 reported today that Governor Christie’s proposed budget would cut the state libraries’ funding by 74 percent.

I’m sorry, did that say 74 percent??

The article named interlibrary loan and public access to (unnamed) databases as examples of programs that would be cut.

New Jersey Library Association’s executive director, Patricia Tumulty, stated that a rally to save library funding would take place in Trenton on Thursday and a website was created to inform people about the cuts (

To be fair, it does seem strange that Interlibrary Loan is entirely free.  Why not charge something nominal just so that we’re not completely dependent on state funding for something to useful and to prohibit people from abusing the privilege?

Also, with the internet in every library (at least I hope so, right?) and Google putting lots of information online for free, what databases are so important?

Hope you read the entire article and leave a comment to give me your thoughts.

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