Bloomfield Side Roads get a Tree-gasm

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Broad Street and Hoover Avenue are getting treed-out (think blinged out but with well, trees). Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. (a Essex County Executive), the New Jersey Tree Foundation and my lovely township of Bloomfield have announced the planting of approximately 115 trees along the two previously mentioned main drags.”Planting trees along our county roads enhances the aesthetics of our streets, makes our neighborhoods more inviting and, most importantly, strengthens the health of our local environment,” said DiVincenzo to North

Work began on April 13th and continued until April 15th. Multiple indigenous species were plated including: crabapple, locust, maple and cherry trees while Bloomfield provided the 5-0 patrols to control traffic.

Go Bloomfield! We are now in our 10th year of being “Tree City USA” recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation and we plan to keep it that way!


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