Christie Lays the Smack-Down to Corrupt Insider Event Ticket Sales

by mike • June 3, 2010 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1320

Christie in his infinite wisdom has decided to put the ethics code of “no state officer or employee should use or attempt to use his/her official position to secure unwarranted privileges or advantages for him/herself or others” in full effect. Up until now (unbeknown to me and I’m sure many of you out there) state employees were able to purchase tickets for FACE VALUE to insanely difficult to get events like Springsteen and Giants games at Meadowlands and PNC Bank Arts Center. The Record discovered that in 2008 2,600 tickets were scooped up by lobbyists, politicians and other insider fat cats for three Springsteen shows over the summer. ¡Escanadalo! Our lovely Senator Franky Laut grabbed up forty tickets for a $1,500 to attract folks to a pop fundraiser. He later backed out when people found out, shocking.

This is a load of poppycock if I don’t say. Why should these people, most of whom probably make 10x more then you humble author, get dibs on cheap tickets I would have to get from the rapists of the Ticketmaster/LiveNation evil empire consortium. I’m glad Christie is trying to real in the corruption of this state, even if it is little things like this.

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