Sussex County to get first major retail shopping center

by Donald Hanson • June 19, 2010 • ShoppingComments (0)1487

Sussex County could soon be getting its first major retail shopping center.

Sussex Commons Lifestyle Outlet, a 328,000-square-foot retail outlet planned for the intersection of routes 15, 206 and 565 in Frankford, known locally as Ross’ Corner, would include up to 90 stores, as well as a hotel and restaurants. Sussex County is a large county without a Shopping Mall. On the other hand, it has a relatively small population. I’m not sure where they expect to get enough customers to support this outlet mall. Yes, there are other outlet malls in the middle of nowhere, but like Woodbury Commons, they are usually just off of a major highway. This makes it accessible to shoppers from great distances away. No major highways run anywhere near Ross’ Corner. Just take a look at the map, the red X is where the outlet mall will be. Shoppers will have to deal with small roads and traffic lights for miles. Even if they get a fraction of the shoppers that Woodbury Commons gets, the traffic will be a nightmare. In a densely populated area, this could work, because enough people would live within a short distance, but as it stands, this is a ridiculous idea that is doomed to failure.

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