Christie Slashing Superintendents’ Pay

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Keeping with the trend of actually spending less money Gov’ner Christie has proposed a $9.8 million cut in administrators’ salaries. He wants to reduce their salaries to be more proportional to district size, reduce people who are making more than the maximum pay (how the hell is that even happening?) and create a merit-based bonus system which should motivate the dead-beat do-nothings of some districts.

In his address Christie is quoted saying “While families and school districts across the state cope with fewer resources and continued fiscal challenges, many school administrators continue to receive salaries that are out of proportion with the private sector and current economic realities. This cap will limit excessive administrator pay and ensure that more dollars are available for our children.”

All of these shenanigans were announced today in Spotswood Borough (here is a link to their website, which was artfully crafted circa 1995 via Angelfire, I assume) because the administrators there were kind enough to take a pay freeze this year. The student-size-to-pay correlation is as follows:

up to 250 – $120,000
251 – 750 – $135,000
751 – 1,500 – $150,000
1,501 – 3,000 – $165,000
3,001 – 10,000 – $175,000
More than 10,000 – TBD

The whole bonus for improvement plan was (thank baby Jesus) also thought out so that the bonuses do not count towards pensions (they still get those apparently). These salaries would be for non-tenured folk. Those sneaky scoundrels who are of the tenured ranks, and making more then that insane chart, would have their salaries frozen like a Popsicle. Man these clowns make a lot of money!

But, of course, we need to call a Waaaaaaaaaaaambulance for Richard Bozza (the big cheese of New Jersey Association of School Administrators) because he thinks that Christie is giving all his prejudice to the admins! Bozza spewed this load of malarkey:

Clearly, we think this is the wrong path. Why don’t we see college presidents, or hospital administrators, or police chiefs or football coaches at colleges on the list. We’re not talking about comprehensive reform here. We’re talking about targeting a specific group.  We’ll have a situation where the school superintendent, who is the leader of the district, earning less and having fewer benefits than many of the people who work for him or for her in the district. That’s just an incentive for experienced people to go to other states, for people who are principals who might aspire to a higher position not to take it.

Come on now, $120,000 for people who have 250 kids isn’t enough?! I don’t even make half of that and I’m not whining!

Christie slapped back by saying that while we may lose some employees, if that is their basis for leaving, then Good-Bye! Zing, Bozza! He also hopes other states will join into this slasher flick of salaries to help even the flow. Christie also said “People are bouncing around like free agents in baseball” referring to the insane amount of in-state, district-to-district competition.

I think we have another fantastico idea by C.C. here. All these little cuts are going to help in the long run (although I’m not a huge fan of the library funding cuts). Keep it up!


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