Giants and Jets Preview – Week 6

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Lions (check), Tigers (not in football) and Bears (won), oh my!

NY Giants vs. Detroit Lions

Sunday’s week 6 match up brings the Giants another animal, no not the Bears this time, but the Lions! Can they close games out? No. Can they win on the road? No. Do they play their hearts out every week and give the opposing team a run for their money? Yes. Some may have looked at the schedule earlier in the year and penciled this one in as a definite win for the Giants.  However it is far from a definite or easy win. Yes, Detroit has lost their star quarterback, Mathew Stafford, and their best offensive weapon, Calvin Johnson, is still questionable for Sunday’s match up. With that said, Detroit still put a beating on a underrated St. Louis Rams defense last week for a score of 44-6!

The key to a Giants’ victory is to have the defense keep doing what they have been doing the past three games and stop the run. Right now the Giants defense is ranked #1 in the league and this week they have to show up again as Detroit has a good young running back in Jahvid Best. Not only do they have to stop the run, but they need to be worried about a man they call Megatron, Calvin Johnson. Johnson is still questionable for Sunday’s game, but the Giants still need to prepare for him.

Injury’s for Big Blue this week:

Out indefinitely:Victor Cruz, Madison Hedgecock, Brian Jackson and Mathias Kiwanuka

Questionable:Shaun O’Hara, Keith Bullock, Lawrence Tynes and Danny Ware

Probable:Kenny Philips and Osi Umenyiora

At Least We Dealt With This Beast in Miami

NY Jets vs. Denver Broncos

Good news for the Jets is they do not have to face Brandon Marshall, bad news for the Jets is that Denver Broncos quarterback, Kyle Orton, is playing better than Tom Brady and Drew Brees right now. Wait, let me read that line again, yes, Kyle Orton is having a better year than Tom Brady and Drew Brees. That hurt just typing it. Denver comes into week 6 with a 2-3 record, but the NFL best Jets will need to fight in order to win this one.

Key to victory for the Jets: copy the Ravens plan of attack on how they beat the Broncos last week. With Pro Bowl corner back Champ Baily playing for Denver, Mark Sanchez better be careful where he throws. The Ravens used the running game to beat Denver last week, so be prepared to see a lot of LT2 and Shonn Greene this weekend. With a inexperienced quarterback in Mark Sanchez and a experienced corner back in Champ Baily, look for the Jets to run and run some more. Not many balls will be thrown in the air from Sanchez if the Jets want to win.

Injury’s for Gang Green:

Questionable: Derrell Revis

Probable: Jim Leonhard, Nick Mangold, Brandon Moore, Calvin Pace and Jamaal Westerman

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