Skechers Shape Ups – Shoe Review

by Donald Hanson • October 7, 2010 • Health & FitnessComments (0)2832

Maybe you have seen commercials or articles on the shoes that are designed to give you a workout as you simply walk around and go about your everyday business. I was considering buying Sketcher’s shape-ups for awhile, but kept getting put off by the price : a little over $100. Then one day I received a coupon in the mail that solved that problem.

At the store, I was determined to walk around in them enough to be sure I could live with them everyday. Apparently, I was not alone as I witnessed another guy doing the same thing. I was also trying to put their advertising claims to the test and determine if I was getting real exercise just by walking around in them.

The first thing I noticed was that they lean you forward. As a result, you have to hold your back up straight and you are pretty much forced have good posture. At the back, the shoes are not flat. The sole is sloped upward so leaning back can be an alarming experience where you feel that you could just fall backward. There is a lack of balance that you have to get used to. I decided that it was inconclusive as to the exercise angle, but knowing these shoes would help me keep good posture was enough for me to go ahead and purchase them.

When I got home, I noticed that there was a DVD with instructions and exercises you could do, but I didn’t really have the time to look at it. The first few days, I had to adjust and get used to walking in them. I also was bombarded with questions about them from other people. Some were considering buying them, others just thought they were weird. Once I felt comfortable with my balance in them, the next thing I started noticing was the rolling, flowing motion. This is a result of the arclike shape of the sole. I have really grown to like the fluid motion of walking in them now. I am a little worried. If these turn out to just be a fad and they stop making them, I will be really upset. I don’t think I can go back to flat shoes again or at the very least, I will not be happy about it.

Finally, I sat down and looked at the DVD. I watched the exercise moves and routines. Interestingly enough, I was doing a lot of them already. For the most part, they are pretty obvious. I feel that is a testament to the intuitive design of the shoe. There was one movie that I felt was clever that I had not thought of. Where you will really feel a workout is in your calf muscles. And if you lean on the back of the sole, you can get a serious burn going. Very effective, but you can choose how much of a workout you want.

In conclusion, they will give you good posture automatically. You will get a workout of varying degrees depending on how you use them. My advice : go buy them and try them out. I need these shoes to keep on selling so that they keep making them. I’m not going back.

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