New Jersey is Going to the Cats & Dogs

by Ed Magdziak • November 3, 2010 • Jersey WarsComments (0)2046

Team Cat!!

Team Dog!!

New Jerseyans are passionate, opinionated people.  We love music, sports, food.  And, we love our pets.  Most people consider themselves either “cat people” or “dog people.”   There are also those lucky households where both species co-habitate in peaceful harmony.  Dogs are very friendly, fun, obedient, and loyal.  They will do anything to please you.  However, you do have to walk them and they always decide to “do their business” when the most amount of people are watching.  Cats can be affectionate, friendly and playful.  But, of course, they will be those lovable things on their own time.  They will let you know when you may pet them.

Or maybe you just have fish.

It’s your chance New Jersey!  What kind of pet person are you?

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