Event : Hot Topic Holiday Giveaway from Demic & Bawsten : Jersey Gardens Mall – December 2nd

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A local indie hip hop artist from New Jersey is doing a Holiday giftcard giveaway with Hot Topic at Jersey Gardens Mall on December 2nd.

Here are the details :

Need a little extra cash this holiday season? Do you love shopping at Hot Topic? Do you love music? At 5:30pm on December 2nd, Jersey Demic and Daddy Bawsten will be giving away free giftcards and coupons to fans at The Hot Topic store in Jersey Gardens Mall. You must pre-register to be eligible to win, Don’t miss out!

15 prize winners will have chances to win $100 in Gift Cards to Hot Topic. Coupons will also be given out to shop at Hot Topic.

One $50 giftcard
Two $20 giftcards
Three $10 giftcards
Multiple coupons to shop


Go to this website and follow the instructions to pre-register:


Artist Name : Demic
Genre : Hip Hop
Year formed : 2000
Hometown : Plainfield, NJ
Website : urbanbackground.com
Myspace : myspace.com/urbanbackground

And now 3 questions from You Don’t Know Jersey:

What do you like about New Jersey?

I love the fact that so many international superstars are from New Jersey.  As we speak Bon Jovi’s greatest hits is the number one album in Australia and Canada.  I also love the feel you get from riding the NJ Transit.  I based my upcoming album ‘Rat Race’ entirely on the Jersey transportation system.

What musicians influenced you from New Jersey?

The main New Jersey artists who influenced me were The Fugees as a group.  They had a unique Jersey sound when it comes to hip hop.  The group was also from the Carribean Islands which I also relate to seeing that I am also from The Carribean.  I do however feel as though many of the greatest artists from New Jersey hasn’t really reached back for younger talent.  At least not like the way great artists from other places have.  Most artists from New Jersey are ushered in by artists from other places and not our homegrown superstars.

What venues do you like most in New Jersey?

I have played many huge venues around the country but not many huge venues in New Jersey.  I guess I would have to say that Englishtown Raceway is one of my favorite venues because I have played there so many times.  The Meadowlands is also always a great place to play, the fans are always receptive there.  In the near future I hope to perform at The Prudential Center in Newark and the PNC center out near Asbury.

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