New Jersey and Married Couples: Perfect Together

by Alice Magdziak • November 22, 2010 • Jersey FolkComments (0)1900

The Daily Record reported today on the 2009 American Community Survey released by the Census Bureau which found that New Jersey has the lowest divorce rate and the second-lowest marriage rate in the country.

Do You, New Jersey, Take This Couple to be Your Latest Married People?

What’s the Garden State’s secret to staying married?  Researchers have a few theories.

  1. We take our time getting married.  NJ grooms’ average age is 30.2 and our brides’ median age is 28.  With mature brides and grooms, might come more secure relationships and thoughtful marriages.
  2. Total marriages of people over 18 in the entire United States are at a record low 52 percent. Perhaps people are just happy living together and not getting married.
  3. New Jersey ranks seventh among the states in the highest percentage of college graduates. There is a long standing correlation between higher education and long-lasting marriages.
  4. The recession.  Maybe people just can’t afford to maintain separate households with the nation’s and state’s historically high unemployment rate.
  5. Religion?  New Jersey is the fourth most Catholic state in the union and Catholics have notoriously low divorce rates.

Read more of the article here:  Why does NJ have low marriage, divorce rates? | | Daily Record.

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