A New Car For Christmas! Really?

by Ed Magdziak • December 10, 2010 • RantsComments (0)2608

You get the payments!

I am getting tired of seeing all these car commercials that say what a great gift a new automobile would make.  Every year at this time we are assaulted with them.  A husband walks his wife outside, playfully covering her eyes, only to reveal a shiny new ride parked in the driveway.   He smiles and she swoons.  Gag me.  Did anyone ever really get a new car as a Christmas present?  Did anyone ever give one?  Even if the economy was not this bad, this is still a crazy idea.

I’m not really sure how this goes down.  “Here you go honey.  I  decided to spend $40,000 from our budget without even telling you!  Surprise!!”  Hey car companies!  If I spent this amount of money without telling my wife I think I would be sleeping on the porch all winter between working 3 jobs.  Or maybe the giver just pays for the down payment?  “I love it, sweetie”  “I’m so happy you like it.  You’ll be paying $399.00 a month to keep enjoying it.”  Who picks up the insurance?  Of course, they never explain this.

I really don’t think many people get cars on Christmas morning.  This is just a ruse to get people to come in to take advantage of “good” deals.  It is a family decision from the family budget.  But what the heck.  If you want to give a car, go for it.  See how it goes over.  However I suggest you do yourself a favor.  Just “Go to Jared” instead.

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