NY Jets Divisional Playoff Review

by Nick Barritta • January 17, 2011 • Entertainment, Sports & LeisureComments (0)1653

NY Jets, 28 – New England Patriots, 21

Wow!!!!! I am still stunned by this Jets win! They backed up all of their trash talk by going into New England and spanking the #1 seeded Patriots. Rex Ryan and the rest of the rowdy Jets put their money where their mouths were and shocked the Pats—and more than half the nation. Even their own fans double checked the scoreboard at the end of the game.

Not many people thought the Jets would be able to pull off what they did. It is not that the Jets are that bad; it is just that Obi Won (Bill Belichick) and Captain America (Tom Brady) rarely lose at home. But, this Sunday they showed just how vulnerable they are and proved that even the greats lose from time to time.

Mark Sanchez was lights out, making key throw after key throw and did not look like the lost puppy dog having a sophomore slump as he did earlier in the season. But, the MVP trophy of this game has to go to the Jets defense. They held arguably the NFL’s best offense in check and had Tom Brady looking like a 3 year old whose parents just left him alone at the mall. Maybe it was the early interception, or maybe it was because Rex Ryan gave them all he had, but Brady just could not figure anything out and did not look like the quarterback who saved the Pat’s franchise and started a new destiny a few years back.

With all the smack talk and all the “outside” distractions (feet) Rex Ryan (I love feet) does to help the media write stories and get talk radio going, few realize that Rex (foot) can still run a defense with the best of them. And is that not why Woody Johnson (owner) hired him in the first place? To entice some defense in a franchise that has been laughed at for the last thirty plus years?

What I love about Jets fans is that they are the most pessimistic sports fans I know of. Even with 24 seconds on the clock last night and up by two scores, many of them still said it was not over. Even my wife kept saying that they will find a way to lose. That is just the Jets history. They pump you up, win a few games and then break your heart. Just like my ex. But, this is the Jets’ time. Just like Brady and Belichick had their time and the Cowboys had their time, right now it’s the Jets turn and they have only two games left until they shock the world and turn everything into green.

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