NY Jets Playoff Preview – Divisional

by Nick Barritta • January 15, 2011 • Entertainment, Sports & LeisureComments (0)1412

Let Them Talk

NY Jets Vs. New England Patriots 4:30 pm Sunday CBS

It is already Week 2 in the playoffs and the Jets have shown no signs of slowing down their intense play nor their mouths. Hasn’t Rex Ryan or the Jets learned by now that it is not good to rattle up the competition, especially the Patriots, whom defeated them 45-3 a few months back?! If history is meant to be repeated, then the Jets just put a gigantic target on their backs and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are coming right at em’.

Both teams have split games this year, as the Jets won one and the Pat’s embarrassed the Jets in the last regular season game together. So, what does that mean? Nothing silly, this is the damn playoffs! Nothing that happens in the regular season matters in the playoff’s, except for the fact that that the Jets keep talking smack.

What’s it going to take for the Jets to beat the Pats? Some damn good football, that’s what it is going to take. The Pats are well rested and fresh from a week off.  They have a Hall of Fame quarterback in Tom Brady and a Hall of Fame coach in Bill Belichick. Talking smack to them does little to nothing to rattle their nerves. The Jets have a lot to prove this week and the way to shut up the critics and back up their smack-talk is to go out and win on the road in Foxborough, a task that will not be easy.

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