Things We Like – Pedestrian Countdown Signal

by Ed Magdziak • January 16, 2011 • Things We LikeComments (1)2762

Benefit for pedestrian AND driver!

Yes, they save the lives of pedestrians.   Yes, they keep the crosswalks safe.  Blah, Blah blah.  That is not the reason we like them.  The best part of these signals is you can finally go through a yellow light with confidence!  These are becoming pretty commonplace all over New Jersey.

Admit it.  The yellow light never really meant slow down.  It was a chance to gamble.  We have all been there.  You are late for work and your boss is a stickler for tardiness.  You are in that zone where you’re not sure how long that light will be yellow.    Can I make it?  Is there a police car waiting on the red?  I am going for it.  BAM…busted.  The light was yellow officer.  Suuure.  I actually got a ticket going through a “yellow” so I know.

The countdown signal removes all doubt.  Oh look.  I will have 15 seconds before the yellow light.  I can just cruise along.  On the flip side if you are nearing the intersection and there is only 3 seconds left you know you better apply the brakes.  Tickets for not obeying the yellow light have to be plummeting.  Good for us I say!

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  1. Lissy says:

    I was just telling my husband the other day that I love these for that reason

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