Top Five Reasons It’s Better to Land Your Plane on a Highway than a Runway

by Alice Magdziak • January 31, 2011 • EntertainmentComments (0)1759

Hope they have E-Z Pass for the GWB.

5. It’s fun to go through a Burger King drive-through in a Tecnam P92 Eaglet.

4. Fuel for an hour of flight, $100; Flying lessons,$6,000 ; Seeing the drivers’ faces as you barrel towards them on a major highway, priceless.

3. You don’t have to put up with those bossy air traffic controllers.

2. It’s like a real-life disaster reel out of Flight Simulator X.

And the number one reason…

1. Landing lights are for sissies!!!

Seriously, we are happy no one was hurt.

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