Krug’s Tavern, Newark – Review

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We’ve been to Krug’s twice and both times we’ve agreed that we would like to break our rule of never living over a restaurant.  We’d like to live above Krug’s so that we could try every single item on their menu more than once.

Oh. My. God. These squid are delicious!

We initially went because we’d heard about their really good burgers and calamari.  We agreed.  The burgers were large, juicy and tasted like high quality meat was involved in there.  The calamari was tender inside and nice and crunchy on the outside.  You could taste the ocean over the deep-fried goodness.  We chose the hot marinara dipping sauce which sometimes felt like it was too hot but ended up just bringing us back for more. The hot marinara is also great for dipping the loaf of bread you get before the meal.  Along with the bread comes a giant pickle that’s sliced up for sharing and pickled hot peppers.

We thought: How could they get these two menu items exactly right? It must be to the exclusion of other items.  So, we tried the Ribeye Cheesesteak.  The steak melts in your mouth, there’s just enough cheese, the peppers and onions are golden brown and plentiful but not overpowering.  Another home run!

Burger and Cheesesteak to die for.

Damn, can Krug’s do anything wrong?  We intend to find out!  We’re anxious to go back and work our way through more menu items.  Buffalo shrimp must be tried. And what exactly is the Herbie Cheesedog??

Open seven days a week, 11:00am to midnight, Krug’s is located in the Ironbound section of Newark and has its own parking lot in the back so you don’t have to fight all the locals for the ten parking spots that are on Wilson Avenue.  It’s atmosphere reminds us of Rutt’s Hut if their bar area was bigger and they didn’t have the backroom seating.  Yes, Krug’s is a bar first and foremost. And, yes, they’ve been in business since 1932.  You don’t get great looking floors like this overnight:

Oh, the stories these floors could tell.

A short cab ride from Penn Station, Newark, or a quick car ride from 21, you need to go check out Krug’s Tavern, especially if you’ve never been to the Ironbound section of Newark.  It’s a wonderful lively Portuguese neighborhood with lots of bars and restaurants. Trust us, start with Krug’s and then check out some of the Iberian restaurants that line Ferry Street and you’ll be hooked on the Ironbound.

We’re hooked on Krug’s!

Krug’s Tavern

118 Wilson Ave., Newark


11:00am to 12:00am, 7 days a week (note: website doesn’t have the entire menu, just highlights)


The whole line-up that we’re ready to try more of.


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