NJ Author Tells the Story of Seeing Eye Co-Founder

by Alice Magdziak • February 24, 2011 • Jersey Folk, Literary NJComments (0)2578

We LOVE The Seeing Eye here at YDKJ.   Not only because they do great work helping the blind, or because they are headquartered in Morristown, or because they join the Morristown St. Patrick’s Day parade with SO many cute puppies.  No, it’s because of all the cute puppy stories and stickers they send when you donate money. OK, maybe all those other reasons, too.

Imagine how excited we were to read that an author from Glen Ridge, Miriam Ascarelli, wrote a biography on Dorothy Harrison Eustis, the woman who founded The Seeing Eye along with Morris Frank!

Dorothy Harrison Eustis and her husband trained Morris Frank and his dog Buddy.  They were so inspired that it led them to start The Seeing Eye, first in Tennessee and then, a year later, moving to New Jersey.  According to NorthJersey.com, Dorothy was instrumental in getting service animals to be accepted in hotels, restaurants and public transportation.

Unfortunately, records are not that great on Dorothy’s life so that’s why Miriam Ascarelli went on the hunt for information and thought she was such a great candidate for research.

We can hardly wait to read more about Dorothy Harrison Eustis and we hope you’re as excited to buy this NJ author’s book as we are!

Buy her book here. Don’t forget to use the “Perdue Press” code at checkout for 10% off!

Read the whole NorthJersey.com article here.

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