No Child Left Outside in Moorestown?

by Alice Magdziak • February 14, 2011 • Newsy Jersey, RantsComments (0)2022

BoingBoing picked up this story from Free Range Kids over the weekend and it’s depressing. 

It seems that the Moorestown Children’s School is considering shutting its doors because child care facility inspectors wrote up numerous violations in a recent inspection that will take away everything that makes it a unique school.  The school opened in 1981 on farmland where kids are encouraged to explore the entire grounds.  These farm grounds have things like trees and mud…  you know, FARM stuff.  They even have a barn cat!  Sounds to me like a great place to leave a child for day care.  The kids are allowed to be kids while they are learning important life lessons like “don’t pet the cat too much” and “logs may give you splinters.”  

Moorestown’s director, Sue Maloney, is considering shutting down because the inspectors have already made her fence off a stream and get rid of some logs.  Now they want her to cut all the branches off her trees that are below seven feet.  Are you kidding me? 

Why can’t kids be kids anymore?  Come on people…  when will the madness end?

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