Movie Review – Drive Angry 3D

by Donald Hanson • March 3, 2011 • Entertainment, Movie ReviewsComments (0)1343

Drive Angry 3D stars Nicolas Cage as Milton,  a man out to exact revenge on the group who killed his daughter and have kidnapped his granddaughter. Nicolas Cage gives a good performance, tapping into his tough but good guy persona that he originated in Con-Air.  He gets some help from Piper (Amber Heard), a waitress with attitude. Milton must also stay one step ahead of “The Accountant” (a scene stealing William Fichtner). Billy Burke plays Jonah King, the leader of the group that has his granddaughter. This movie is over the top and violent right from the opening scene which involves body parts being blown off in graphic detail. Taking full advantage of it’s R Rating, this movie also contains multiple scenes of full nudity and loads of profanity. This movie is shameless in a good way.
The director, Patrick Lussier has made a better film here than his previous film, My Bloody Valentine 3D from 2009. In fact, as far as explicit Rated R 3D movies go this is the best of them, beating Pirahna 3D from last year. This movie is creative, entertaining and unique. Unique in that most filmmakers and studios seem to be too timid to pursue these kinds of movies. They can be looked down upon, but when they are done right, they can be very entertaining and offer a moviegoing experience that you can’t get anywhere else. This movie is in the spirit of Grindhouse, but better in that it is more ambitious, takes itself slightly more seriously and more deeply explores the possibilities of a genre that has only been lightly touched upon in recent years. This movie takes me back and reminds me of how it felt to see a movie that was surreal and larger than life.
The highlight of this movie is William Fichtner. Every time he is on screen you know it is going to be fun and each time he leaves, you can’t wait until he is back again in another scene. I went into this movie not knowing much of the storyline and that is why I am not giving it away here. The reveal of who The Accountant is, and why he is after Milton is something that should be discovered while you’re watching the story unfold. In conclusion, it would be nice to see this genre explored more in the future as there is nothing quite like it.

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