Time to “Wax” Nostalgic — Record Store Day

by Ed Magdziak • April 15, 2011 • Entertainment, Events, MusicComments (0)1615

April 16th is the fourth annual Record Store Day.

Princeton Record Exchange

You remember vinyl records, right?

Scouring the bins for something new to listen to. The excitement of getting that new, big record where you could actually see and appreciate the cover art. The look of the
grooves in that unscratched black vinyl. The sound of the cracks and pops when you first put the needle down. Listening to music on a record player was more of an experience. A ritual almost.

Records sales are certainly not what they used to be but there are lots of us die-hard fans still out there. We appreciate the deeper, more live sounding music that a record provides. Turntables are still available and many new releases still come out on vinyl.

Why not head to a record store tomorrow and see what is happening. New Jersey has several really good record stores such as:

You can visit the official Record Store Day site here for a list of all participating stores as well as many in-store events.

So put the needle in the groove and enjoy some new tunes!

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