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Good things come in small packages.  Blink and you just might miss this wonderful burger joint as you are speeding along Route 46 in Garfield.

May is National Burger Month and we asked you to tell us about your favorite burger places around New Jersey.  Several votes came in for Steve’s Burgers in Garfield. We’d been here for hot dogs before and already knew that the dogs, fries and onion rings were fantastic.  So, if our readers are rating Steve’s Burgers as some of the best in the state, you know we had to go back!

We headed over on a steamy Friday night and upon opening the door found out why everyone was sitting inside and not at Steve’s many outdoor tables.  The AC was cranked and despite the amount of deep-frying and grilling that must have been going on in the back, it was crisp and cool inside.  Beautiful!

Steve and Steve, Jr., greeted us with a hearty welcome and were gracious in waiting for our order while we perused all the specials.

We came here for burgers but the hot dogs are so good we couldn’t resist getting just one.  The hot dogs at Steve’s are very good.  Just the right amount of spice and a good snap.  Signs in the restaurant say that most of their condiments, including the awesome chili, are homemade.  The red onion sauce is the killer app here, though.  Wow, is that some good sauce.    If you’re in the mood for chili dogs, we highly recommend Steve’s.

Since we were here for Burger Month, we ordered both a double cheeseburger and a single cheeseburger to see what all the fuss was about.  Upon seeing them, we could tell they were special.  The cheese was beautifully melted over the patties, the bun was perfectly sized for the amount of meat in the sandwich.  We couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into them.

Once we did, we instantly wished we’d ordered more burgers.  Super-juicy, big beef flavor and obviously cooked by someone who knows what they’re doing.  These are some REALLY good burgers.

There were three of us attending Steve’s communion of beefy delights this Friday and the other two took care of the burgers.  So, I took it upon myself to try the cheesesteak which advertising outside the restaurant said were highly-rated, too.  Basically, the same thing happened to me as with the burgers.  I could tell this was going to be amazing as soon as I saw it.

Glistening with melted cheese and beefy juices running down the bun, the cheesesteak was perfectly moist and chewy.  The beef was chopped up for easy biting but not too minced.  Lots of melty cheese oozed out as I bit into it.  It was delightful.

Also worth mentioning on their own and not on the side like the dishes they are:  the french fries and onion rings.  They are so fresh you can see the boxes of potatoes and onions from the last table by the kitchen.  The fries are better than boardwalk fries. And, the onion rings.  Ohh, the onion rings.  You simply must go there and sample the whole menu.

Steve’s Burgers is a Must-Visit for next year’s National Burger Month and throughout the rest of the year!

Steve’s Burgers

506 Route 46 West, Garfield

Mon.-Sat.: 10:30am – 8:00pm

Like them on Facebook here.

Directions:  Steve’s it right BEFORE the Parkway entrance on Rte. 46 West.

Look for the red and white awnings.  Hit the ATM before you come as Steve’s Burgers is cash only.

Here’s a few more shots from our visit:

Licked my plate clean!

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