Things We Don’t Like – Humidity

by Ed Magdziak • May 31, 2011 • Things We Don't LikeComments (0)2231

What the heck happened to spring?  What is going on with this humidity?  Summer in New Jersey is supposed to be humid…not spring.

There is nothing quite like taking a walk down to the store and coming home as if you just stepped out of the shower.  Or leaving work and heading to your car that has been baking in the sun all day.  It is a furnace in there!  You have to open the door and stand there like a fool for 2 minutes just letting the waves of heat leave the car.  If you’re lucky your air conditioner will kick in before you pull up to your house.  The only people who benefit from this kind of weather is the electric company.  I dread opening the next bill.  Hot weather is fine. Humidity is the pits. If I wanted to sweat this much I’d sit in a sauna.

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