Some New Jersey Shore Towns Want to Keep You Off Their Beach

by Ed Magdziak • June 27, 2011 • Newsy Jersey, Shore To PleaseComments (0)1415


Fear This!!

Associated Press reporter Wayne Parry has come out with a very interesting article that says some of the more affluent New Jersey beach towns are writing new rules that will severely cut down on the access to their beaches.  They fear they will be inundated by people not of their standing it seems.  It almost sounds like a war between the haves and the have-nots.  I can’t help but imagine Ted Knight in Caddyshack against Rodney Dangerfield.  A woman in Mantoloking actually is quoted in the article uttering “when you sleep with dogs, you pick up fleas.”  Well, they also say “money doesn’t buy class!”


Keep out you riff-raff!!!

Most people think that beach communities who use state money for upkeep should have relatively easy beach access for all residents of our state.  Now requiring a badge for access makes perfect sense to me.  Going out of your way to not let people access a beach?  Can’t agree with that.  What do you think?

You can read Wayne’s article here.

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