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by Nick Barritta • June 10, 2011 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)1282

Philadelphia Phillies, 37-26

The Phillies started off last week with the Battle of PA, as they took on the Pittsburgh Pirates, and lost! In the Battle of PA, the lowly Bucs prevailed! But, we all know who REALLY is the better team. The Phillies once again have a completely healthy hitting lineup. The lineup they drew in spring training is finally the one on the field. It took them 2.5 months but it finally happened. We shall see if that is a good thing or a bad thing since the young kids who were filling in for the injured stars are part of the reason why the Phillies are ranked as the best team in baseball right now.

After dropping two out of three in Eastern PA, the Phillies came home and took two out of three to the visiting Dodgers. Even with a scorching Matt Kemp and a good pitching performance from the Dodger’s pitchers, the Phils managed to win the three game series. So are the Phillies really the best team in baseball, or is luck just on their side as they continue to eeeek out wins?


NY Mets, 30-32

The surging Mets? Yes, you read it right. The surging METS! With 75% of the Mets payroll on the disabled list or just not playing well, the AAA Mets are surging. Taking two out of three at home to the rival Atlanta Braves, and winning the first game on the road against the Brewers, the Mets are looking good with their makeshift team. Fans may as well get used to this team as rumors are swirling that the Mets brass is looking to rebuild, which should be noted is a illegal procedure in the tri-state area. We are die hard baseball fans, and the work “rebuilding” is not in our vocabulary.

NY Yankees, 33-27


Why not write this in the midst of a rain delay. A MUST needed rain delay for the Yanks so that they could figure out a way to beat those rival Red Sox. Right now the Sox have beat the Yankees five straight times this year, and are showing no signs of slowing down. Maybe a rain delay is just what the Yankees need to get back on track. After a very impressive road trip, the Yank’s came home to the Bronx only to be embarrassed once again by Boston. Call it Mother Nature, but I think it is a blessing the rain is falling right now.

After their impressive road trip, the Yanks were back on top of the power rankings, only to drop lower after coming home. Currently the Yanks are trailing by one game in the American League East to the Boston Red Sox, and a win tonight could have both teams tied.

Drama unfolded in the Bronx as starter Freddi Garcia only lasted a little over an inning Tuesday and A.J Burnett was knocked around for seven runs early on Wednesday. David Ortiz, aka Big Papi, put on a firework show with his homeruns, and everyone on the Boston roster is lighting up the Bronx. Ortiz showed some flare by staring down one of his homeruns and tossing his bat, angering Yankee manager Joe Girardi in the process. Boston pitcher, John Lester, hit two Yankee batters, but as of yet, no retaliation has been taken.

What is this Little League? Why is it that not one Boston player got plunked in the butt yet? Why are the Yankee’s just laying down and taking the torment? When have our teams started letting other teams completely own us and get into our heads? Show some menace Yanks! Where is your fight? Are we baseball players or entertainment for all the brokers that come from Wall Street to watch the games, drink beer, and talk stock. I WANT A BASEBALL TEAM!!! Not an accounting firm!

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