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Update:  Unfortunately, Cosimo’s has closed.  It was so delicious, though, that we’re keeping the review up so we can come back and look at those wonderful pies.

We’ve been hearing about Cosimo’s for the longest time and were kind of intimidated by what looked like a very small restaurant.  We don’t like those little, crowded boutique restaurants much so that was a total turn off.  Well, this week we decided that we’d heard enough.  As it was raining really hard we thought that might keep the crowd to a minimum and we gave Cosimo’s a shot.

Well, I know why we’ve been hearing about them all this time.  It must be the sausage pizza!

That sausage could be house-made.  If it’s not, I need the name of their supplier.  It’s soft and tender without that springy-ness that you get with cheaper sausages.  It’s lightly spiced so you taste pork along with the herbs and salt.  It is quite literally the best sausage on a pizza I’ve ever tried.  We ordered this pizza AGAIN a few days later because we couldn’t get it off our minds.

Oh no, wait…  I bet it’s the Wild Mushroom Pizza!!

OK, it’s probably all the different types of pizza. Both pies had the nice thin crust with chewy ends. They had the best sauce in Essex County, easily.  Not too sweet and and tasted like fresh tomato.  The toppings were really the stars here, though.  The wild mushrooms (Funghi, on the menu) were rich and meaty and cut really large so you got big mouthfuls of flavor.  What a concept…  I can actually taste serious fungi on a mushroom pizza! They tasted like they were lightly brined or otherwise seasoned in some way before they made it to the pie.  Fantastic.

It could even be the calamari served with a really chunky marinara.  That was excellent, too.  I wish the breading didn’t come off quite as easily as it did but lost breading was easily compensated for by lots of tentacles (why do they taste better?) and that great marinara.

So, if you’re in the mood for really good toppings on a hand-thrown crust and not just tomato-y carb and cheese pies to stuff your face, try Cosimo’s!

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Cosimo’s Trattoria

194 Broad St

Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Mon – Fri, 11:30am – 10pm

Sat – 11:30am – 11pm

Sun – closed



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