Five Guys Burger and Fries, East Rutherford – Review

by Alice Magdziak • July 15, 2011 • Bergen, Burger Mania, FoodComments (0)3571

I hadn’t been to Five Guys before but my two dinner companions had and weren’t excited about returning.  However, we’d all heard that some people were BIG fans of the burger chain so I decided to give it a shot just to be a complete-ist. In May, you may remember, we celebrated National Burger Month and reviewed some of our favorite burger places.  We asked you to submit some of your favorite burger places and this summer we’re visiting some of those places.

I tried not to expect too much since some people swear by it and others tell me that it’s not that good. I was not terribly disappointed by what we ordered but I wasn’t blown away, either.

After arriving, we partook of the peanuts the restaurant offers all over the dining area. Nice touch.  I like a place that gives you something to nibble on while you wait for your food. We ordered three burgers with different toppings and one hot dog.  Unfortunately, I liked the hot dog the best.  We got the bacon hot dog which had lots of bacon and a sliced hot dog that came with big beefy flavor.  The bun seemed steamed but may have just gotten soft from sitting in the foil.  Not a terrible way for the bun to be.

The burgers we ordered were a Little Bacon Burger (which basically means it’s a burger with one patty), a cheeseburger (regular burgers come with two patties) and a hamburger (again, two patties).  The menu states that all burgers are served well done.  That’s never  good sign to me but it didn’t turn out too bad.  The burgers were…  OK.  Frankly, I feel like I could have gotten a very similar burger from Wendy’s that isn’t nearly as expensive.  That was basically how we felt about the entire meal.  It was fine… but expensive for what we got.

I hate to keep riding the Smashburger wagon…   but for $7, I can get a 1/3 pound burger with fresher and better seasoned meat with sweet potato fries that are properly cooked and crispy. Five Guys’ little burger and fries is a dollar more and not nearly as good.

That brings me to the fries.  I wanted the fries to be good.  They looked good, they smelled good.  However, they were limp and tasteless.  I rarely need to salt fries but these needed serious salt.  They also needed about five more minutes in the deep fryer. They came to the table in a giant paper bag so maybe that had something to do with the sogginess.    Whatever the reason, they should address this.  They make a point of showing you the fresh potatoes and telling you where they came from by the cash register so they should really take more time with them and make them special.  It certainly would have made me feel better about my all-around experience at Five Guys.

So, we walked away thinking that if Five Guys was one of a few options, we might visit them again.  But, there are much better and less expensive options out there that we like better. Sorry readers!  We know you like Five Guys but we were neutral about it.

See the rest of our photos from our visit here:

Five Guys Burger and Fries

East Rutherford

54 Route 17 North, East Rutherford


Open 11am – 10pm Every Day


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