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I lived in California for awhile and got used to having lots of good (and some actually authentic) Mexican places around.  NJ for some reason seems to be missing some Mexican restaurants.  Yes, there’s TexMex around pretty easily.  But, I really want Mexican, Mexican.  Oh well…  that’s a dream for another day.  We were heading over to Edgewater awhile back and found the Flaming Burrito in Union City for lunch.

Somebody back in that little kitchen really knows how to roast and shred a chicken.  Wow, were those chicken dishes special!


The day we were there, they had a booming delivery business via SeamlessWeb.com. We were only one of a few parties actually eating in the restaurant but that wasn’t a problem.  It let us ooh and aah over our dishes without needing to keep it down.

My favorite TexMex dish is the Enchiladas Verdes.  It’s also my barometer for how good the kitchen is in a restaurant.  If that green sauce tastes like fresh tomatillos and not from a salsa jar, we’re onto something good.  Well, let me tell you…  those Enchiladas were incredible at Flaming Burrito.

The chicken.  Oh, the chicken.  It tasted like the bird was just plucked and roasted that morning.  I mean it was FRESH and moist and really nicely shredded.  Sometimes, you get chicken that just looks like it came out of a can.  This chicken was special.

We also tried the Barbeque Chicken Burrito.  Again, there was that terrific chicken along with rice beans and barbeque sauce.  Delicious.

If you’re in the mood for TexMex and you’re anywhere near Union City, you’ve got to try Flaming Burrito!

Here are some more pictures of our lunch:

Flaming Burrito

4625 Park Avenue (46th & Park), Union City

(201) 758-5410

Open Everyday 11:00 am to 11:00 pm



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