The Third Annual YDKJ Hot Dog Tour – Libby’s Lunch, Paterson

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For National Hot Dog Day, we knew it would be fitting to tell you about our visit to one of the oldest and best hot dog places in New Jersey. Our second stop on this year’s Hot Dog Tour was Libby’s Lunch in Paterson.  We had Libby’s Dinner, though, because we drove over after work one day.

Libby’s has been open since 1936 so they might not have invented the Texas Weiner but they at least were one of the first to be good at it.

We ordered the XL weiners all the way.  They were excellent!  The chili is a little hot and a little sweet.  The dogs were fried to a light crisp.  Wow, those were some good dogs.

Since we know that we’ll be having a lot more hot dogs in the next few weeks, we also ordered a few non-weiner items.  I really like the phrase “non-weiner items.”  I may be using that in future posts.  So, beware.

We tried the cheesesteak which was served on a hard roll.  It was a nice little sandwich.  Sometimes, you get the giant sub roll sandwich.  That’s good, don’t get me wrong.  But, if you want to have anything else that day, it’s nice to get a smaller sandwich like this one.

We also tried their double cheeseburger.  It had a really nice charbroiled taste and was nice and juicy.

Can Libby’s do anything wrong?  We intend to find out because we’ll be back to try other menu items.  They have a full breakfast menu as well as daily specials for dinner.  The most shocking thing about the specials is that whoever’s writing those menu boards has the best writing we’ve ever seen.  Wow!

Definitely check out Libby’s Lunch in Paterson for some historically good dogs.  And, make sure you walk across the street and check out Paterson Falls when you go!

Here are all our pictures from our visit:

Libby’s Lunch

98 McBride Ave., Paterson


Mon-Sun: 10:00a-1:00a


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