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National Burger Month was in May and after we reviewed quite a few burger joints that we knew about, we asked you to give us some other suggestions.  A few came in for Rossi’s Bar and Grille in Trenton so we recently found ourselves in Hamilton which is next door so we decided to give Rossi’s a try.

True to their reviews, Rossi’s had some really big burgers. They looked awesome when they arrived.  Unfortunately, they turned out to be a little dry.  Maybe they were having an off day?  We all ordered a burger, each with different topping combinations of cheese, bacon, peppers and onions, raw onion and lettuce and tomato.

All four of the burgers we tried had the same problem with dry meat and under seasoning.  I don’t know if salt and pepper would have improved the juicyness, but it certainly would have improved the overall taste.  I added a lot of salt and it was edging toward a better burger after that.

Now, dry beef aside, the toppings were excellent and the price initially seemed very good.  When we got the bill, we were surprised to discover that we were charged for each topping including lettuce. This is fine as we have seen extra for toppings before but we feel like that should have been mentioned on the menu.  Now, it wasn’t like we thought we were over-charged for anything.  It was just a pricy surprise to see each topping listed on the bill. The burgers were served on big kaiser rolls which were very nice and would have soaked up nice burger drippings had there been any.

We also tried the zucchini sticks which (to me anyway) were the highlight of the meal.

These were great big slabs of zucchini lightly breaded and fried to a golden crispy brown.  They were perfection served with marinara on the side.

We really wanted to like Rossi’s Bar and Grille.  It had great atmosphere, the location was good and it came recommended.  Maybe they had a bad day or something.  That, or our readers use a lot of juicy toppings that compensate for some really dry burgers.

Check out our other pics from our meal:

Rossi’s Bar and Grille

501 Morris Ave., Trenton

Monday-Saturday: Lunch 11:30-2:30, Dinner 5:00-10:00

Closed Sunday


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