Things We Don’t Like – New Jersey Lottery’s Site Redesign

by Donald Hanson • July 7, 2011 • Rants, Things We Don't LikeComments (0)3169

Being the gambler that I am, I routinely check the New Jersey Lottery website to see if any of the prize amounts are up to my standards to buy a ticket. Normally when you go to the site a list comes up of the games with each prize amount right next to it. I had to go to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to get a shot of the old website:

So I went there a couple days ago and there were no amounts, just a collage of the logos of the different games. I soon discovered that now I had to click on each one separately to find out the current prize total. Who thought of this?

All I want to do is go to the site and take a quick glance at 4 numbers to see if any of the tickets are worth buying. Now they have turned it into a project. I then did a google search to see if I could find another non-official website that would give me the amounts the old way. Guess what, I found one :

I am never going to the New Jersey State Lottery official website again.

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